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Steps to reproduce:

After choosing Asturian language on Firefox Nightly for Android (Settings > General > Language > Asturianu), the DuckDuckGo option is not shown in Search section (Settings > Search)

Actual results:

Is not possible to set DuckDuckGo as search engine on Firefox Nightly because is not available.

Expected results:

DuckDuckGo available as search engine like Bing, Google, Yahoo...
The locale selects additional search engines to include with Firefox.
Component: Settings and Preferences → ast / Asturian
Ever confirmed: true
Product: Firefox for Android → Mozilla Localizations
Version: Trunk → unspecified
Is Bug 1389709 also relevant here?
(In reply to :Grisha Kruglov from comment #2)
> Is Bug 1389709 also relevant here?

Unrelated, each locale its own set of searchplugins. And the former PM for Fennec didn't want DuckDuckGo to be available in all languages, unlike we did for desktop on 38.0.5.

Interesting, thanks for the link. Do you know why that's the case? I wonder if the reasons are still relevant.
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Adding DDG to one locale is something that l10n-drivers can take care of (Delphine is the PM in charge of l10n for Fennec), if the localizer wants.

Adding DDG to all locales is a product decision.

Side note: we've added DDG to other locales in the meantime (search for "duckduckgo")
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