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Aborted forced cast in SQLiteHistory.getModifiedHistory


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This crash popped up in Sentry for the 8.2 release:

It is a forced cast that is failing. Possibly because one of those values is nil.
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Unclear where this data is coming from, but marking as Sync anyway.
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Stefan, where do you see any reference to getModifiedHistory in that stack? 

Did you paste the wrong crash report?

The crash you linked appears to be in:

    private func getConcernedIDs(colNames: [String]) -> ((SDRow) -> [String]) {
        return { (row: SDRow) in
             colNames.flatMap({ row[$0] as? String})

and that's a dynamic cast error, which doesn't make any sense with that `as?` there.
    fileprivate class func getPasswordOrigin(_ uriString: String, allowJS: Bool = false) -> String? {
        var realm: String? = nil
        if let uri = URL(string: uriString),
            let scheme = uri.scheme, !scheme.isEmpty {
            if allowJS && scheme == "javascript" {
                return "javascript:"

            realm = "\(scheme)://\(!)"

Probably an empty host. This is called from LoginsHelper.swift, so while the data might have arrived from Sync, this seems to be just a plain ol' incorrect-assumptions bug.
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Need info from Stefan on this one. As mentioned in Comment 2, the linked crash report doesn't match the bug description. The bug corresponding to the linked crash report has already been fixed in Bug 1384771:
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Assuming these forced casts are the cause of the issue :st3fan was originally referencing, here's a patch.
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