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Support force reloading via keyboard


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At the moment, pressing Ctrl + R on a hardware keyboard (or using a software keyboard that supports this, e.g. Hacker's Keyboard) reloads the page, but it's not possible to trigger a forced reload bypassing the cache by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R.

This is the place to add the required additional logic:
Hi. I would glad to work on this. Looks like good place to start contributing =)
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Hi, welcome. Sure, feel free to go ahead and work on this.

If you haven't already got a Firefox build going, you can find instructions here:

Instructions on how to submit a patch are here:

And if you've got any further questions, just ask or drop by on IRC ( in #mobile.
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Bug 1391355 - add force reload support via keyboard

Looks fine.
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So from talking with Min Yu/ImTheRealOne I understand we're going with your patch this time.

I've triggered a run on our try server for the patch - in this case the patch is small and simple enough (and I don't think we've actually got any tests specifically for keyboard shortcuts - might be an idea for a later follow-up bug if anybody feels up to it), but it's still a good practice for more complex patches.
You can follow the progress here:

Assuming there are no unexpected failures, you can then edit this bug and set the "checkin-needed" keyword to actually land the patch in our repository.
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add force reload support via keyboard r=JanH
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