Open Bug 1391586 Opened 2 years ago Updated Last month

Ability to break on endless content JS loops, detect content JS endless loops


(DevTools :: Debugger, enhancement, P5)



(firefox57 affected)

Tracking Status
firefox57 --- affected


(Reporter: mayhemer, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


Chrome doesn't have this.  But they at least offer to kill the page.  We just hang and one has to find and kill the offending content process.

But there it ends.  To find the loop cause in a debugger is impossible!  Both chrome and fx don't allow opening devtools with the js debugger when there is a loop like this.

A killer feature would be to detect the loop (after say 30 or more seconds) and offer opening the debugger paused somewhere in the js code that is causing the loop.
Product: Firefox → DevTools
Blocks: dbg-control
Priority: -- → P5

That's a nice feature. I could see it being helpful for understanding why we entered the loop.

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