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Label CompleteResumeRunnable


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(Reporter: bevis, Assigned: kershaw)


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The CompleteResumeRunnable shows up recently in the top unlabeled runnable list:
We'll need this one to be labeled in priority, thanks!
(Only 2 % of runnables are unlabeled now!)
Kershaw, do you think you could find time to do this?  You've already fixed a lot of labeling bugs, so it should be fairly easy for you.  Feel free to bounce back.
Assignee: nobody → kechang
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@bevis, do you know how to reproduce this issue?

The event target used to dispatch CompleteResumeRunnable is actually assigned at HttpChannelChild::SetEventTarget [1]. Unfortunately, it's not always successful to get a labeled event target by nsContentUtils::GetEventTargetByLoadInfo.
So, we need to know who opens this http channel and figure out why we can't get an event target from load info.

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According to the comment inside |nsContentUtils::GetEventTargetByLoadInfo|, it could be an add-on XHR.

Hi :billm,

Does it make sense to fallback this use case with SystemGroup?
That's is if all the add-on script run in SystemGroup, then we could label this runnable using SystemGroup as well.
If web content could be touched by add-on script, it seems that there is not much we can do here.

BTW, the ratio of unlabeled CompleteResumeRunnables to all CompleteResumeRunnables is about 0.66% according to the telemetry analysis.
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Note: labeling percentage improvement of fixing this bug is 0.0185791288429%, current labeling status is 98.14%, goal is 99%:
Without actually knowing what is causing these loads, I'd rather not use SystemGroup here. If it really is caused by add-ons, then the percentage should decrease on beta when legacy add-ons are completely disabled.
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Bulk priority update:
Priority: -- → P1
Kershaw: needed for 57, or is this a P2?
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This is a P2.
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Priority: P1 → P2
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Priority: P2 → P3
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