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When compiling for Windows with gcc, we encounter lots of #pragma warning's - which generate warnings


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MSVC supports #pragma warning() which is used to enable or disable warnings in a very nuanced way.

gcc doesn't recognize these, and generates a warning saying 'Unknown Pragma'
Try run:

(The build will break, but the log shouldn't have any 'ignoring #pragma warning')
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Bug 1393216 Disable unknown pragma warnings when compiling for Windows with gcc

r=me with the change below.

::: build/moz.configure/warnings.configure:112
(Diff revision 1)
>  # We use mix of both POSIX and Win32 printf format across the tree, so format
>  # warnings are useless on mingw.
>  check_and_add_gcc_warning('-Wno-format',
>                            when=depends(target)(lambda t: t.kernel == 'WINNT'))
> +# When compiling for Windows with gcc, we hit lots of #pragma warning's which gcc does not recognize

Nit: maybe "...lots of "#pragma warning"s, which is an MSVC-only pragma thatn GCC does not recognize."  The quoting of "#pragma warning" is important here, I think.

(Note that we disable the warning on clang-cl too, for much the same reason.)
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Disable unknown pragma warnings when compiling for Windows with gcc r=froydnj
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