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Text selection cannot start on (or just after) the number of an ordered list


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open a HTML file containing: <ol><li><a href="http://localhost/">This is a link</a>.</li></ol>
2. Try to select the beginning of the text of the link, starting just before the link.

Actual results:

Nothing happens (nothing is selected).

Expected results:

The text should be selected.

Note: If one starts before the "1.", this works, but doing this is counterintuitive.
Summary: Text selection cannot start on the number of an ordered list → Text selection cannot start on (or just after) the number of an ordered list
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Product: Firefox → Core
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Closed: 4 years ago
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Note, since this is not clear in bug 12460 (which is mainly about selecting generated content): I'm not trying to select generated content here, just normal text that follows generated content, and this does not work because I start the selection over generated content.

The problem with the test case I've provided is that one has generated content immediately followed by a link. So, if I try to start the selection just before the boundary, I cannot select anything since this starts over GC (this is this bug). And if I try to start the selection just after the boundary, this doesn't work because this is a link and Firefox wants to do drag & drop.

Bug 490805 might be related more closely, but that in turn is a duplicate of bug 12460, too, so there we are.

As for the problem specifically in relation to links - you can select text within links by holding Alt while selecting.

I know about Alt, but from an accessibility point of view, Alt requires 2 hands (in addition to needing to have a look at the keyboard and/or wasting time to find the Alt key), while normal selection requires only one hand and can be done more quickly. That's why I usually try to start the selection before the link. And this is where this bug occurs.

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