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<input> is too wide in nightly57.0a1 on Windows10 Japanese Edition


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0. Windows10 home 64bit CU, Japanese Edition
1. Open

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Summary: <input> is too wide in nightly57.0a1 → <input> is too wide in nightly57.0a1 on Windows10 Japanese Edition
Well, the causes of this difference with Edge and Chrome are different.

Edge treats the generic font family, "sans-serif", not as "Meiryo". Actually, ASCII characters are not displayed with Meiryo, but Japanese characters are displayed with Meiryo. So, if you change the font-family of the <input> to "Meiryo" or "メイリオ", you can see same result. So, the generic font family handling is different from Gecko.

On the other hand, Chrome behaves odd. Even if you change the font-family to "Meiryo" or "メイリオ", you don't see wider <input> element but the <input> element is displayed with Meiryo. So, the behavior is really odd to me. Chrome might not use Meiryo's metrics to compute <input> element size.

I guess this may not be so major problem since this is caused by incomplete style rules. If web designers change font of <input>, they should specify <input> element size with CSS rather than using size attribute or not specifying anything for avoiding too long/short <input> element.

On the other hand, if we could change <input size> computation or default size of <input>, we may have avoided this issue forever. However, it may cause other issues like too short <input> element for specific fonts.

This issue might have been discussed in other bugs, but I don't know that. Any ideas?
Attached file testcase html
Nightly57.0a1 : approx 22 chars
Beta56.0b6    : approx 12 chars

It is too wide in Nightly57.0a1.
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The width of the span element does not differ greatly between nightly and release.
However, the width of the input element is doubled....
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This seems to be as expected if font specified on ancestor element.
(In reply to Alice0775 White from comment #8)
> This seems to be as expected if font specified on ancestor element.

Yes, web designers need to specify font-family to <input> directly since we specify it directly in default stylesheet. Therefore, this should not be so major.,98
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