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Consider adding a commit hook for tests.yml changes


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We could do something like to ensure that new test tasks are not added without review from a member of a certain group of people. Careful reviewers could ensure that the job visibility policy is respected.

There are lots of changes to tests.yml that don't require much attention:
 - tier 3 jobs
 - chunk modifications
 - ...

So is a commit hook reasonable?
I think it's a good idea in principle, but I'd like Greg to weigh in on the relative costs of doing it from a infra standpoint.
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I don't like commit hooks for things like this because it is hard to maintain and adds overhead to change process.

The proper place to detect this is at review time and via lints to prevent bad behavior. Phabricator supports subscribing to reviews touching certain files. It also supports a "blocking review." You could create a rule that requires a certain group or people approve changes touching certain files.

So I'd hold off on a commit hook and do this in Phabricator.

Until we actually use Phabricator for reviews, you can create a rule at to be notified when certain files change. I'm not sure if that will be the final production database of Phabricator or not. Best to use it on an evaluation basis only.
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