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Pass "-purgecaches" arg when creating chrome debugging process for artifact builds


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We are currently relying on Services.appinfo.isOfficial in order to add -purgeCaches to the arguments passed to the chrome debugging process at:

However Services.appinfo.isOfficial is only false for non-artifact builds. Artifact builds actually have it set to true since they are based on a CI-built artifact.

We could rely on the following combination of constants to get a better approximation:

> let isOfficialBuild = AppConstants.NIGHTLY_BUILD ||
>                       AppConstants.RELEASE_OR_BETA ||
>                       AppConstants.MOZ_DEV_EDITION;
Actually this other version fails in the same way. Looks like we have to use: 

> const IS_UNOFFICIAL_BUILD = Services.prefs.getStringPref("") === "default";

to get something that can be used for both artifact and non artifact builds.
We use `#ifndef MOZILLA_OFFICIAL` for turning on the remote debugging prefs in local builds, which works in artifact builds:
So should be AppConstants.MOZILLA_OFFICIAL
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Bug 1395990 - use constant MOZILLA_OFFICIAL to check for local build in ToolboxProcess.jsm;
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With this change it looks like there is only one other usage of "Services.appinfo.isOfficial" (in a test): Mossop, can that property go away?
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(thanks for jumping on this and the review Brian!)
(In reply to Brian Grinstead [:bgrins] from comment #6)
> With this change it looks like there is only one other usage of
> "Services.appinfo.isOfficial" (in a test):
> isOfficial%22&redirect=false. Mossop, can that property go away?

Yes, we should use AppConstants.MOZILLA_OFFICIAL instead.
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Bug 1395990 - stop using Services.appinfo.isOfficial in test_TelemetrySession.js;
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Bug 1395990 - remove Services.appinfo.isOfficial;
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use constant MOZILLA_OFFICIAL to check for local build in ToolboxProcess.jsm;r=bgrins
stop using Services.appinfo.isOfficial in test_TelemetrySession.js;r=mossop
remove Services.appinfo.isOfficial;r=mossop
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