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Signing errors for Fennec 56.0b9


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Error message:

2017-09-04T03:12:28     INFO - build_task_dependencies signing ZXdZAznCSh-55ZenYWYIYQ
2017-09-04T03:12:28     INFO - find_sorted_task_dependencies signing ZXdZAznCSh-55ZenYWYIYQ
2017-09-04T03:12:28     INFO - found dependencies: [('signing:decision', 'dkTyxu_OT6auOGjYNGpS_g'), ('signing:build', 'M1BGkzwmQnWoTeGxSpas8Q')]
2017-09-04T03:12:28    DEBUG -  signing:decision dkTyxu_OT6auOGjYNGpS_g is docker-worker
2017-09-04T03:12:28     INFO - build_task_dependencies signing:decision dkTyxu_OT6auOGjYNGpS_g
2017-09-04T03:12:28     INFO - find_sorted_task_dependencies signing:decision dkTyxu_OT6auOGjYNGpS_g
2017-09-04T03:12:28     INFO - found dependencies: [('signing:decision:decision', 'cZl-gqPpRwi7i70380hMxg')]
2017-09-04T03:12:29 CRITICAL - Chain of Trust verification error!
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/builds/scriptworker/lib/python3.5/site-packages/scriptworker/cot/", line 581, in build_task_dependencies
    task_defn = await chain.context.queue.task(task_id)
  File "/builds/scriptworker/lib/python3.5/site-packages/taskcluster/async/", line 44, in task
    return await self._makeApiCall(self.funcinfo["task"], *args, **kwargs)
  File "/builds/scriptworker/lib/python3.5/site-packages/taskcluster/async/", line 76, in _makeApiCall
    return await self._makeHttpRequest(entry['method'], route, payload)
  File "/builds/scriptworker/lib/python3.5/site-packages/taskcluster/async/", line 189, in _makeHttpRequest
taskcluster.exceptions.TaskclusterRestFailure: cZl-gqPpRwi7i70380hMxg does not correspond to a task that exists.
Are you sure this task has already been submitted?
method:     task
errorCode:  ResourceNotFound
statusCode: 404
time:       2017-09-04T03:12:29.169Z
It's more a fallout of bug 1259627, I think. The content of dependencies field changed in this bug. Chain of Trust now looks for a decision task that matches the task group Id of graph one. 

We should attach the task group Id of graph 1 (cZl-gqPpRwi7i70380hMxg in the previous example) to "fennec mozilla-beta atomic submission task" (W9dCWdXdQdShK0b-vbcVLg), instead of generating a new task Id.
Assignee: nobody → jlorenzo
Depends on: 1259627
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releasetasks PR

I was a bit concerned about this change but :jlorenzo has valid arguments.

The decision task in this case will be an actual task which will both serve as a) taskGroupId for all tasks in the graph b) direct dependency for all tasks that don't normally have any other dependency.

This is what happens on nightlies as well.
See example at
Attachment #8904132 - Flags: review?(mtabara) → review+
Blocks: 1396517
The decision task now matches the task group Id. However Chain Of Trust remain unhappy. Let's track this in bug 1396517.
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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