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[Tracking] Convert all python unittests to the pytest format


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As of bug 1339178 we are now running our python unittests with the 'pytest' framework. This was possible because pytest has the ability to run unittest-based tests out of the box, so most of the tests didn't need to be upgraded.

But the pytest format is much simpler, cleaner and easier to read/write. Plus it has a ton of nifty features that are lacking from the unittest framework. To take full advantage of this, we should convert as many of our existing unittest-based tests to pytest as possible.

In general, I think the migration would look something like this:
1) Convert all self.assertFoo functions to simple 'assert' statements. So:
self.assertEquals(foo, 1)

assert foo == 1

2) Move all test functions to top level module functions. So:
class TestFoo(TestCase):
    def test_foo(self):

def test_foo():

3) Move all shared logic to pytest fixtures [1]. So:
class TestFoo(TestCase):
    def helper(self):

def helper():

def test_foo(helper):

I think that should more or less cover most migrations. There will definitely be a few edge cases and some light refactoring required along the way, but it shouldn't be too bad. This is a tracking bug, so please file new bugs to convert specific test directories and make them block this bug.

Component: General → Python Test
Depends on: 1445273
Severity: normal → S3
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