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Migrate static sample code in /samples/domref/dispatch.html to be "live"


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Link to event.preventDefault ( goes to 404
Hi @Reporter,
Can you please add more details like on which page did you find this broken link?
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The page containing the broken link is listed in the URL field. It's a page of sample code using these methods, which in turn is linked from 

The problem is that the sample code page uses very old paths in its links, from back when MDN had a different URL scheme. Some of these links are resolved, and some are not. The link in question should be:

Similarly, should be

and should be with link text "About MDN web docs"
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Summary: Bad link → Bad links in sample code page
This sample code needs to be migrated to be one of the types of example code that we currently support and can maintain:
Blocks: 1076893
Summary: Bad links in sample code page → Migrate static sample code in /samples/domref/dispatch.html to be "live"
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