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wr-text: small emoji?


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Dunno why this is, but some emoji are showing up small? Possibly only in text-emphasis marks? I thought it used to be all emoji, but emoji in normal text look fine now? Confused.
Could you attach the testcase used to create your screenshot, please?

<body style="max-width: 40em; font-family: sans-serif">

<p> TIRED: 
Attached file emoji.html
Oops, here's the test-case properly
Also just to be clear, this is a webrendest layers-free bug.

My only theory right now is that webrender should be doing some kind of special "emoji text snapping"?
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FWIW, the rendering I see in Nightly (with webrender disabled, according to about:config settings) matches the right-hand version in your screenshot (i.e. with the smaller version of the text-emphasis glyphs).

How does the sizing compare to regular ASCII letters used in text-emphasis? In my testing, I think the emoji sizing in text-emphasis matches the sizing of other text (i.e. both Latin letters and emoji glyphs match the smaller version of your screenshot.
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I'm only seeing this on macos, so I think this might be another consequence of
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Here's a screen shot with capital T's next to it for comparison. (macos)

Left: vanilla nightly gecko
Right: webrendest + layers-free
Curious... what I see (with vanilla Nightly, macOS) looks to me much more like the right-hand version in your screenshot.
Maybe there's a minimum font size configured in one of the Firefox profiles? has this case at the top, for anyone who wants to test this out.
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(In reply to Markus Stange [:mstange] from comment #9)
> Maybe there's a minimum font size configured in one of the Firefox profiles?

I don't believe text-decoration glyphs are constrained by the font.minimum-size.* prefs, as they are required to be smaller than the text to which they're applied.
I can also reproduce the sizing difference, on today's nightly, with default settings vs webrendest+layers-free on a HiDPI Mac.
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This seems to have resolved itself. I expect because we're using CoreText a lot more now.
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