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Make DEFFILE a Path instead of a string


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(firefox57 wontfix, firefox64 fixed)

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DEFFILE isn't used in very many files, but in all but one of the places it is used it's specified as a srcdir-relative path with the ugly construct `SRCDIR + '/file.def'`. Given that, we might as well make it a Path instead of a string, so that srcdir-relative paths just work.

This makes my WSL build easier, because I can translate it to a relative path to pass to link.exe.
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bug 1399870 - Make DEFFILE a Path instead of a string.
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Make DEFFILE a Path instead of a string. r=gps
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Backed out changesets 98e46ead3522 and 52e6fce3e6f6 for Windows test failures; a=backout
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
This is Ted's patch, but rebased and changed so things will build.  It *does*
rely on the patch in bug 1490054, which is presumably what was causing the
previous Windows test failures.

Enough bitrot etc. means this is probably worth looking at again.
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Depends on: 1490054
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make DEFFILE a Path instead of a string

gps had reviewed this before, but this can probably go into the general build pool.
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make DEFFILE a Path instead of a string; r=gps
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