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Show new tab option in Startup and move new tab extension notice


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We should provide an option for users to see their New Tab page when Firefox starts. The notice of an extension controlling the New Tab page should move to be next to this option.

See Also: → 1373853
Here's a rough patch that did the simplest thing I could think of to get the New Tab loading for an extension at startup.

There are a few concerns with this:

If a user wanted their New Tab page as their homepage they could use the Use Current Page button with their New Tab open. This would mostly accomplish the same thing. So maybe we don't need this setting?

Andrew had a concern about loading the extension page so early but it seems like Kris thinks it will be fine, if I'm understanding that correctly. Could be worth investigating if we proceed with this.

> John-Galt> At this point, we start loading the background page as soon as it's
> safe to load any extension page. We can't really load an extension page
> before the background page has started loading.

This solution also uses ExtensionSettingsStore to determine what the New Tab page will be. We have had some issues with it being possible to get out of sync with what add-ons are loaded. We'll want to make sure this is solid before we use it.
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Extensions can set both

Closed: 2 years ago
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