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nsStringBundle preload can fail in content processes leaving the process without localized strings


(Core :: DOM: Content Processes, defect)

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firefox57 --- fixed
firefox58 --- fixed


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This is a fall out from bug 1385249.
Blocks: 1385249
Blocks: 1401599
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Delay nsStringBundle preloading in content processes. v2

Approval Request Comment
[Feature/Bug causing the regression]: Bug 1363482 (preloading strings)

[User impact if declined]: Preloading localized string bundles might fail, leaving the content process without localized strings forever. This can lead to a wide variety of failures from incorrectly rendering buttons to failing reporting errors and who knows what else. 

[Is this code covered by automated tests?]: Mostly. There can be still edge cases we have not considered, but this patch fixes the ones I can think of and fixed the intermittent failures I know about.

[Has the fix been verified in Nightly?]: Not yet.

[Needs manual test from QE? If yes, steps to reproduce]: I don't think manual testing is possible. Landing the patch under bug 1385249 will do some validation and bug 1401599 should be fixed by this patch as well.

[List of other uplifts needed for the feature/fix]: None.

[Is the change risky?]: It is more risky not taking it.

[Why is the change risky/not risky?]: The worst it can cause is that by delaying the preloading of these strings, it might come with a tiny startup time regression. Not taking it can result misbehaving content processes.

[String changes made/needed]: None.
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Delay nsStringBundle preloading in content processes. v2

Seems like a must fix for 57, Beta57+
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