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Intel 965 Express: Direct2D: Blocked for your graphics driver version mismatch between registry and DLL.


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Steps to reproduce:

Installed Firefox 57 Developer Edition on Windows 10 on a machine with a Intel 965 Express GPU.

Actual results:

about:support shows

Direct2D: Blocked for your graphics driver version mismatch between registry and DLL.

and several times shows the failure:

[GFX1-]: Mismatched driver versions between the registry and DLL(s), reported.

Expected results:

Firefox should not expect graphics drivers to have a match between claimed driver version in INF file and file versions on DLLs in driver because device manufactures cannot be expected to make those match.
I should note that the message is correct in that several of the DLLs do have the file version while the driver it self is version Note that the build numbers are the same, so seemingly this is intentional on Intel's part.

Also this is as far as I know the newest driver that exists, the one from Intel's website is only 8.(15|14).10.1930.

(Also I wonder where the mismatch is supposed to be reported to, /dev/null?)
Btw. the kernel part of the driver (igdkmd64.sys) is also version, so at least that matches the userspace parts, it is just the inf file that claims the version number of
Component: Untriaged → Graphics
Product: Firefox → Core
We currently tag for mismatches, the versions below - these ones being 8.* get caught in that test.  We block these mismatches for historical reasons - bug 590373 and bug 595364.

Arguably, this was 2010, so this legacy may not be necessary.

On a side note, yes, about:support is the only place where we report this (stdout if you're catching it.)
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [gfx-noted]
I tried force enabling Direct2D with gfx.direct2d.force-enabled=true and also tried setting the environment variable MOZ_GFX_SPOOF_DRIVER_VERSION to, but it still says "Direct2D	Blocked for your graphics driver version mismatch between registry and DLL.". Is that a bug?

This blocking logic is a nasty anti-feature which is causing unplayable video performance. Google Chrome video performance is much snappier on the same hardware (in my case HP 6710b) apparently because it does leverage hardware acceleration. I'm also using driver under WIndows 10 64 bit.

As noted above, force enabling and spoofing cannot bypass this tangled web of version number blocking and dll/inf version checks. Note the Intel Mobile 965 Express is not even meant to be blocked by Bug 843273 which is for the later HD Graphics generation. After 5 years please for the love of humanity just fix it!

Please remove this dll/registry version mismatch check (it cannot by bypassed by spoofing or force enabling). Should have been done under Bug 1762125.

This version mismatch is common with these old drivers and not due to bad driver installations. The whole premise for the original patch appears to be due to speculation only.

Not everyone is running the latest hardware, and every opportunity should be taken to provide acceleration for all end users to maximize the lifetime of old hardware and minimize landfill.

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Failure Log
Mismatched driver versions between the registry and DLL(s), reported.

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