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Bookmarks from the Library panel should be moved, not copied


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If you star a page, open the library panel and try to dnd that bookmark to the toolbar, you end up with a copy of the bookmark and the library panel will show both. This looks broken.
We should try to move the bookmarks by default, rather than copying them.

This may need some special casing in the Places controller code, particularly canMoveNode().
Currently we only allow moving bookmarks from folders, maybe we should in general always allow to move bookmarks? I think the original reasons were:
1. queries don't show the position of a bookmark, so it may be confusing to move a bookmark from an unknown position
2. tags are queries and their contents should not be movable, unfortunately atm they _are_ bookmarks and this may create bugs.

I suppose we could have a PlacesUIUtils.queryContentsAreMovable(aNode) using queryStringToQueries and checking there is a single query, it is a bookmarks type query, and doesn't have certain query properties (searchterms, tags...) (something similar to isFolderShortcutQueryString)
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