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Assertion failure: !sandwichResultValue.IsNull() (Result of GetBaseValue should not be null), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/smil/nsSMILCompositor.cpp:96


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That assertion was added in bug 1353208 so it's unlikely bug 1353208 actually regressed anything functionally, but I need to work out why the assertion fails.
This is failing because in nsSMILCSSValueType::ValueFromAnimationValue we hit the check for nsStyleUtil::CSPAllowsInlineStyle and return a null value.

In the changeset that introduced the assertion I added the comment:

  "...if we do call GetBaseValue the result should not be a null nsSMILValue (except in some OOM cases where we don't
really care if we miss a sample). This patch adds an assertion to check that GetBaseValue does, in fact, return a non-null value. (I checked the code and this appears to be the case. Even in error cases we typically return an empty nsSMILValue of a non-null type. For example, the early return in nsSMILCSSProperty::GetBaseValue() does this.)"

So clearly I missed one cases where we do, in fact, return a null value. Perhaps there are other cases too?

Provided all such cases represent exceptional error cases then perhaps it's ok if they return null. As I understand it, the consequence in that case is that if it happens as part of the initial sample, we will fail to set mForceCompositing to true in nsSMILCompositor::UpdateCachedBaseValue and, if nothing else sets it to true, we may miss fail to composite the first sample. 

However, on the first sample, surely something will set mForceCompositing to true since set we update it in nsSMILCompositor::GetFirstFuncToAffectSandwich() and will make it true if anything in the animation function has changed---at which point *everything* will have changed. So perhaps it's ok just to drop this assertion.
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Bug 1411963 - Drop assertion about GetBaseValue not returning null in nsSMILCompositor::ComposeAttribute;

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Drop assertion about GetBaseValue not returning null in nsSMILCompositor::ComposeAttribute; r=dholbert
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