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JSON viewer should not be opened automatically when opening about:telemetry in RTL locales


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Steps to reproduce:
1. Start Firefox in RTL locales (e.g. ar)
2. Open "about:telemetry"

Actual Results:
JSON viewer will be opened automatically.

Expected Results:
JSON viewer should not be opened automatically in RTL locales.
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I would like to work on this bug. Can you tell how to start Firefox in RTL mode? For now, I am doing these two things:
1. Changing intl.uidirection = 1 in about:config
2. Going to about:telemetry and typing document.body.dir = 'rtl' in the console.

While everything is in RTL layout, I am unable to reproduce the error. I suspect it only happens when you change the locale before starting up? Could you tell me how to emulate that behaviour without changing the language, since I don't know any language that requires RTL?

Also, in general, how do I change the locale in Nightly? I worked on a similar bug recently and needed to do the same.
Flags: needinfo?( is the code, and the error message is:

hgram.buckets is undefined

Tested on an Arabic mac Nightly.
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The hgram object has no property 'buckets'. hgram.values exists and hgram.values.reverse() does not throw any errors. For now, simply commenting out the 'hgram.buckets.reverse()' line works. 

I understand that the values in a histogram need to be reversed for RTL modes but I also think that the buckets is a remnant from a previous version of the code with a specific function. What is that line supposed to do? The buckets property is not mentioned anywhere else in aboutTelemetry.js.
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Alright, so according to :Dexter from #telemetry, this is indeed a remnant from older versions when histograms had a 'bucket' field. That was refactored in bug 112480:

The appropriate fix for this seems to be deleting the 'hgram.buckets.reverse()' line. Uploading initial patch. Please take a look.
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Do the histograms displayed by about:telemetry have the low-value buckets on the right with your change?
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Yes, it looks like the lower valued buckets are on the right with my change. Screenshot attached.
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Excellent! Form this into a commit with a good message and I'll give it a review.
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Submitting patch for review.
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Removed call to hgram.buckets.reverse().

Review of attachment 8929042 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good to me!
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Fix about:telemetry page in RTL locales opens JSON viewer. r=chutten
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I have reprodcued this bug with Nightly 58.0a1 (2017-11-05) -  AR on Windows 10, 6 Bit!

This bug's fix is verified with Latest Latest Nightly (Arabic build)!

Build ID  : 20171201100115
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