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Amazon high CPU consumption


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[Tracking Requested - why for this release]:

A friend of mine reported that his Firefox 57 on Mac OSX consumes about 80% CPU on one core when opening the following page:

I reproduced the same thing on Firefox Nightly on Linux. We tested that both Chrome and Safari consume significantly less CPU on that page so I thought it might be worthwhile to investigate this further.
See Also: → 1404042
Tried to reproduce this on a MBP 2015. 

I managed to capture a profile when Firefox was taking up 100% of my CPU in Nightly -- not sure it shows anything interesting.

In general, Firefox takes up about 2-3% more CPU than Chrome after the page is loaded. 

I wasn't able to find a regression window, as the increase in CPU use seems to happen inconsistently. Hope the profile helps.
Hey Christian, could you please try to reproduce again and if you can, capture a profile for us?
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See Also: → 1415691
possible dupe of bug 1415387.
I tried reproducing this on Fx59 and was unsuccessful. I suspect that the site changed though. I will try to confirm this with the original reporter. Nevertheless, the URL in comment 0 still seems a little slowish on Nightly. Maybe we should investigate if there is optimization potential.
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This feels incomplete. If someone can repro or provide more details, feel free to reopen.
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