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Change "Activate Adobe Flash" to "Run Adobe Flash" in the overlay UI


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As requested in bug 1409148. Since it wasn't clear if that was gonna be uplifted or not (in the end, it wasn't), the string change was left for a separate bug.
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Bram, besides doing the change, I added a localization note to the new string. Let me know what you think about it:

> # LOCALIZATION NOTE (PluginClickToActivate2): Two changes were done to the
> # previous version of the string. The first is that we changed the wording from
> # "Activate" to "Run", because it's shorter and feels less technical in English.
> # Feel free to keep using the previous wording in your language if it's already
> # the best one.
> # The second change is that we removed the period at the end of the phrase, because
> # it's not natural in our UI, and the underline was removed from this, so it doesn't
> # look like a link anymore. We suggest that everyone removes that period too.
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Bug 1415978 - Change 'Activate Adobe Flash' to 'Run Adobe Flash' in the overlay UI.
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Change 'Activate Adobe Flash' to 'Run Adobe Flash' in the overlay UI. r=dthayer
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FWIW, I landed this before getting the ui-review from Bram because I wanted to make sure the string landed before 58 goes to beta. I had already talked with Bram and the plan was always to make this change.
Yes. Confirming that Felipe and I had talked about and agreed to this change.
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