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missing fennec r-d emails


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Not set


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This patch adds the missing routes to the release-notify-{promote,publish} kinds.

On beta, we get


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Thank you for addressing this. Callek was asking about this yesterday. :)
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fix fennec email notifications. r=rail a=release
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We're getting mail now, with subjects like 
  mozilla-beta 58.0b9 build1 is in the candidates directory

Can we squeeze a Fennec in there ? Maybe via product in ?
:nthomas This will be fixed with next merge of maple which should happen this week. 

Ofcourse we can also do a quick fix in the link you provided above.
Do you mean switching to tc notifications ? Will we uplift that to 58 ? I'm guessing no, but a fix here is only nice to have given everything else going on. but without the release-notify-ship part, I guess.
:nthomas no, just formatting of notification messages is fixed. aha I also see you found the commit.

While we are talking about this here maybe it is the best place to get feedback around notification messages. Would it make sense to add "project" (aka branch) to other development branches. Let me explain with the example:

Currently messages for all projects (aka branches) will be:

   "fennec 58.b10 build2 is in the candidates directory"

Emails will be send to different emails, but for people that are on subscribed on all of this mailing lists it will be confusing, i think.

My proposal is to keep the message the same for "mozilla-beta" and "mozilla-release" projects (aka branches), but for others we would add a project in the subject/message.

Example for try:

    "[try] fennec 58.b10 build2 is in the candidates directory"

How do you feel for the above proposal?
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I like that idea too.
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