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Send tab to device:- If I have only one other device, don't show list of devices(same for Firefox Desktop)


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Steps to reproduce:

When sending tabs to other devices, don't show the list of connected devices if there is only one other connected device. Just send the tab to the only other device.

I only have two devices. I expect many other users are the same.  So, if there is only one other connected device, why not:-

On Fennec:- don't show the toast message with the list of one device, just send the page and show the green tick

On Desktop:- right click the tab, the menu item could be "Send tab to [Android phone name]" click on that and it's sent.

It would be nice. Cheers now!
Seems like a good idea.
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See Also: → 1418445
Filed a companion bug for Desktop.
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Please help advise:)
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This might or might not be a good idea in a general case, I honestly can't decide; Ryan will have thoughts on this. NI-ing again just in case we might want to have different behaviour between desktop and mobile.
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Bear in mind that if one of your devices expires, or is missing for an unknown reason, this would appear to be buggy behavior.

IMO this should just be a one-tap flow: pre-select the only destination device.
Let's set P3 for now. 
Please feel free to change it.
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Unfortunately most users have very long device names, like "Firefox on Ryan Feeley’s iPad".

I don't think "Send Page to Firefox on Ryan Feeley’s iPad" works as a contextual menu item.

And in future, we may add other options to the submenu.

I suggest this is a won't fix.
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Re-triaging per

Needinfo :susheel if you think this bug should be re-triaged.
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