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[e10s] HTML <option> in <select> not rendering correctly after Firefox 57 upgrade


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Steps to reproduce:

Upgrage to 57

Actual results:

I develop and distribute a software to clients for self-administering their e-commerce web site. So far, I noticed that firefox 57 upgrade downgraded the rendering of <select> drop-down. See file attachment for details.

Expected results:

I need to fix this problem for my clients asap. Thanks.
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Can you please either attach a testcase (html) or provide an URL for testing ?
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Attached file test case
Hi, here's the test case you asked for. Regards.
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disabling e10s fixes the problem.
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Summary: HTML <option> in <select> not rendering correctly after Firefox 57 upgrade → [e10s] HTML <option> in <select> not rendering correctly after Firefox 57 upgrade
Sounds good but I have no idea what e10s stands for ! So far I reinstalled FF56 and disabled automatic update. Waiting for more details from you guys. Regards.
Seems like this select option styling issue gets fixed for a while after many complaints but keeps rearing its ugly head in later versions.  Here's a fiddle to demonstrate the issue (try on IE or Chrome to see intended result):
Thanks for the details. Do you have any plan to fix this issue in FF58 ?
This is e10s related, long standing issue where we don't allow styling of form controls.
@Jim Mathies
What is funny in the "long standing issue" is that I'm currently running FF56.0.2 (64-bit) and all is working fine (see the code, mark-up & screenshots in my first pdf attachment) in styling <option>. In short, FF was ahead of the competition for styling <select> <option> as it was the only one able to display images with background-image: url().
Concerning styling font-size in <option> for instance, FF56 do it very well, as well as Chrome, Edge... are still doing it.
To be factual, FF57 is now behind the competition for drop-down lists as it only renders a ridiculous tiny font size, unreadable for some users. What a pity! 
As I optimized my software for FF, I've now 3 clients (just the beginning) complaining for the loss of their products images in the drop-down lists. With tiny font on top of that, I've no other choice to recommend to use an other browser until the problem is fixed. And believe me, this is what I wanted to avoid as I've never fully tested my apps on all browsers.
I would greatly appreciate you submit the issue to development, I'm sure they can sort it out. Regards.
(In reply to jean.rigole.1 from comment #9)
> @Jim Mathies
> What is funny in the "long standing issue" is that I'm currently running
> FF56.0.2 (64-bit) and all is working fine 

Why is that funny ?
Your FF56 doesn't seem to have e10s enabled while it's enabled on all FF57 installations.
e10s = multi process Firefox
Ok, you're all talking about e10s as if it was an evidence for FF users. May I remind you I'm not a Mozilla employee and ignored the existence of e10s till it broke my apps drop-down when upgrading 5 days ago. As you didn't answered to my question, do you mean multi process Firefox cannot handle styling <option> (except color and background as I discovered today) and that's it ?
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Priority: P1 → P3
Good to see someone is looking for a solution. I will upgrade to FF57+ as soon as it'll be fixed. Thanks for keeping me posted.
Severity: normal → S3
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