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Wasm: Redundant NaN path in wasmTruncateToInt32


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On ARM, the float-to-int conversion instructions work as follows:

- nan is folded to zero
- integer underflows are folded to zero (unsigned) or INT32_MIN (signed)
- integer overflows are folded to UINT32_MAX (unsigned) or INT32_MAX (signed)

In wasmTruncateToInt32 there is first a compare of the input with itself followed by an OOL branch if the compare is unordered.

That check is redundant for the unsigned case that follows, because that case handles a zero result with an OOL branch anyway (for underflow); at most it should be used for the signed case.  So at least we should move the early check below the unsigned case.

The signed case could however perform the same check in fewer instructions by omitting the guard and instead comparing the result with zero; it is already comparing the result to the two extreme values.  (With predication this is simply a CMP.)  It is hard to know whether this is better or worse than the guard, because zero is probably a fairly likely result of the conversion and as it is we avoid going OOL on a zero result because of the NaN guard.
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Option 1 (just move some code) is easy.  I recommend doing this.

Option 2 (fold the NaN check into the guards on the converted result) requires some benchmarking.

Option 3 is to actually do FP compares before the conversion since we can branch on condition-or-unordered; this way we can always guard in two compares.  But there's a cost, because it means we have to load FP literals to compare against, and that takes time and space (both data and instruction counts).
Could you please let me know where exactly I should be looking into?
Search for wasmTruncateToInt32 in js/src/jit/arm/MacroAssembler-arm.cpp.
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Attached patch 1420894-move-nan-check.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I hope this patch is correct. I have placed the NaN check below the unsigned check.
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Lars can you take a look?
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Sure, I'll take a look this week.
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Good.  It would also be good if you could summarize in a brief comment above the unsigned case why the nan check is not needed there; something simple like "A NaN check is not necessary because NaN is converted to zero and on a zero result we branch out of line to do further processing anyway."
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One more thing.  The commit comment should be a little more explanatory and speak more to intent than to mechanism; eg, "Optimize a check in float-to-int conversion".
Thanks for the information. I have added the comments and changed the commit message. I have also added r=lth to it.
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Yeah, ship it :)
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Optimize a check in float-to-int conversion. r=lth
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