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2 months ago
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2 months ago
context, example UV task that failed: bys2tlHvQj-VKrL9ICpXAQ


run0 example log:
FAIL: expected buildID 20171128222554 does not match actual 20171112125346
FAIL: [48.0.2 de complete] download_mars returned non-zero exit code: 1

jlund> Jordan Lund k, UV is running. Just partner tasks left so I will create the wnp blob now
21:19:48 done. 4 rules updated too
21:21:21 release-cdntest updated too
— •jlund reruns failed osx UV task bys2tlHvQj-VKrL9ICpXAQ to test that fixes


run1 example log:
FAIL: [33.0.3 ru complete] check_updates returned failure for Darwin_x86_64-gcc3-u-i386-x86_64 downloads/Firefox 33.0.3.dmg vs. downloads/Firefox 57.0.1.dmg: 1

<•jlund> Jordan Lund dang. still failed
<•jlund> Jordan Lund looks more serious.
22:16:57 perhaps my wnp blobs generated by create_wnp_blob.py are no good

Comment 1

2 months ago
similar to: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1413645#c4

I first ran the following:

python create_wnp_blob.py --blob Firefox-57.0.1-build1-bz2 fx 57.0.1build1 'https://www.mozilla.org/%LOCALE%/firefox/57.0.1/whatsnew/?oldversion=%OLD_VERSION%' > ~/Firefox-57.0.1-build1-bz2-WNP.json

python create_wnp_blob.py --blob Firefox-57.0.1-build1 fx 57.0.1build1 'https://www.mozilla.org/%LOCALE%/firefox/57.0.1/whatsnew/?oldversion=%OLD_VERSION%'
> ~/Firefox-57.0.1-build1-WNP.json

I then took those blobs and uploaded them.

Finally, I updated the following release-localtest rules (and release-cdntest equivalents):

- 674
- 668 
- 675 
- 667
Why do we need that ? Some of the rules for Linux and Mac need data from %OS_VERSION% to make sure the rules are considered, which is only sent in update/6/.
See Also: → bug 1415557

Comment 4

2 months ago
Bug 1421535 - set OS_VERSION and SYSTEM_CAPABILITIES in update verify; update release configs to remove watersheds, based on rev 1afe9b0b3f4d

backout bug 1421535 - rev 768ee6fec8cf

Comment 5

2 months ago
bc of build2, these steps were needed again:

λ python create_wnp_blob.py --blob Firefox-57.0.1-build2-bz2 fx 57.0.1build2 'https://www.mozilla.org/%LOCALE%/firefox/57.0.1/whatsnew/?oldversion=%OLD_VERSION%' > ~/Firefox-57.0.1-build2-bz2-WNP.json

λ python create_wnp_blob.py --blob Firefox-57.0.1-build2 fx 57.0.1build2 'https://www.mozilla.org/%LOCALE%/firefox/57.0.1/whatsnew/?oldversion=%OLD_VERSION%' > ~/Firefox-57.0.1-build2-WNP.json

rule updates:
- 674
- 668 
- 675 
- 667


rerunning failed UV to verify now.
Summary: 57.0.1 Update Verify is failing → 57.0.x special handling for updates
For 57.0.2 build2
* we're only updating Windows to 57.0.2; Mac and Linux will stay on 57.0.1
* jlund has done the equivalent of comment #5 for Firefox-57.0.2-build2-WNP.json. We don't need a bz2-WNP because only mac and linux use that
* tools hackery in https://hg.mozilla.org/build/tools/pushloghtml?fromchange=f473439aca79&tochange=482b82c788c1
 * backs out u.v. changes for mac and linux
 * adds the changes to verify.sh to support JAWS and memory parameters
 * trims u.v. configs for all platforms as we've been doing
* config changes for bhearsum's checker script
 * https://hg.mozilla.org/users/bhearsum_mozilla.com/tools/rev/e144c3c6223aeecc11d63dfae710c674601d9bf1
 * https://hg.mozilla.org/users/bhearsum_mozilla.com/tools/rev/408cc99ee905483179094de7932a19ea04172064
* assorted rule changes tracked in https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YAkQU7Is7FLdxKtiNBPH_e6-5Nik4rQpCLNGJHIuSjo/edit#

With that we're green on Ben's script for release-localtest and release-cdntest. Update verify jobs are rerunning against release-localtest.

Comment 7

22 days ago
Bug 1421535 - set OS_VERSION and SYSTEM_CAPABILITIES in update verify; update release configs to remove watersheds, based on rev 1afe9b0b3f4d

backed out Bug 1421535 - rev: 352777d48a39

Comment 8

22 days ago
for 57.0.3 -

* removed 57.0.1 freeze for linux/darwin
* generated wnp for 57.0.3 (+ bz2 equivalent)
* relanded and retagged patcher patches: https://hg.mozilla.org/build/tools/pushloghtml?fromchange=6d6c484ff822&tochange=2521ba1c3c65

* rerunning failed update verify tasks.

Comment 9

22 days ago
release-localtest / release-cdntest ready.

Ben's script says "Everything is Awesome".

patch was larger than expected as we no longer support partials in any WNP based blob:

# replace with your local paths
$ python3 update-status.py gather_results -a https://aus5.mozilla.org -j32 --version 56.0 --version 56.0.1 --version 56.0.2 --version 55.0 --version 55.0.1 --version 55.0.2 --version 55.0.3 --version 57.0 --version 57.0.1 --version 57.0.2 $REP/tools/release/patcher-configs/mozRelease-branch-patcher2.cfg release-cdntest /tmp/release-57.0.3.json
$ python update-status.py write_report --verify-data update-status-57.0.3.yml /tmp/release-57.0.3.json /tmp/release.html

release channel is scheduled but needs 1st: go from relman, 2nd: update datetime of impl, 3rd: sign off
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