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Blocked pop-up panel no longer shows URL; doesn't allow picking which pop-up to open


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1. Go to some site that tries to open unrequested pop-ups, e.g.
2. Click the "blocked pop-up" icon in the location bar.

As you can see in the screenshot, the old icon showed the URL for the blocked pop-up. Is the site trying to open or

The only way to tell is by clicking the Options button on the notification bar. That bar is so obnoxious that it's almost as annoying as the pop-ups themselves; it's far preferable to hide it with privacy.popups.showBrowserMessage=false. I'm also not very confident it'll be around in the future, as more and more things it handles are being moved elsewhere (blocked pop-ups) or becoming obsolete (plug-ins).
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And if there are multiple pop-ups blocked simultaneously, the only option now is to open all of these unknown URLs.
Summary: Blocked pop-up panel no longer shows URL of blocked pop-up → Blocked pop-up panel no longer shows URL; doesn't allow picking which pop-up to open
The pop-up notification still showing for me.
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Why did you remove the regression keyword? Functionality that was available before has been lost in the transition: that's a regression.
What do you mean the pop-up is still showing for you? "Show # blocked pop-ups" doesn't have a tooltip and can't be expanded into a list of URLs or anything. If you're getting different behavior, please attach a screenshot and your OS details.
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The traditional notification is still there.

If you think the notification bar is annoying and turn it off, then you are turn off the show URLs feature as of now, so you should suggest to enhance the panel for show URLs. I don't think this is a feature regression, like you did not give the regression window.
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I agree that this isn't a regression in the commonly used sense, but I also see that this may be a useful improvement to add to the new popup section in the identity popup. I don't think anyone is going to work on this right now, though, but I'm always happy to take a patch or ideas.
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