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Firefox assist app: if Firefox is in tab view, switch to the newly opened tab


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Firefox 59


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Firefox 59
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Follow on from bug 1413739
Long pressing the home button results in Firefox being called (Assist app) with a new tab.


If Firefox was previously left with the tabs tray open, invoking the assist button just shows the tabs tray.
Firefox should switch to the newly opened tab, even if the tab tray was opened.

See also bug 1350994
Hi Jan
Please help advise. Thanks!
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Hmm, in theory it's just another variety of bug 1350994, although the fact that we open edit mode causes some additional weirdness, because no matter what tab you select from the tabs tray, you end up in edit mode and when you then leave edit mode, in the newly opened assist intent tab. I'll try and see if there's some easy way of doing this without waiting for the rest of bug 1350994.
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Bug 1423566 - Hide tabs tray when receiving an Assist App intent.
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Hide tabs tray when receiving an Assist App intent. r=nechen
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Fixed for me too.

Thanks for adding this Assist feature so quickly. Now I have one-touch access to the Awesomescreen which is Awesome.

Now, for an encore, how about pull-to-reload? I know it's been subject of a Big Mozilla Debate for years ;)
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