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Please add auth:create-client:project/comm/thunderbird/releng/* to jlorenzo, tomprince, aki


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In order to complete bug 1421062, I would need the ability to create new clients for thunderbird. Would you mind provinding :tomprince, :aki, and me this scope:

> auth:create-client:project/comm/thunderbird/releng/*

Thank you!
Component: Balrog: Frontend → Service Request
Product: Release Engineering → Taskcluster
QA Contact: catlee
My client id is:

I'd rather not give scopes to individual users, preferring LDAP gropus.  I could use team_releng for aki/johan.  Is there a group that includes tom that would be appropriate?
I don't know in what LDAP group Tom is. Could one of you guys help?
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I'm able to view my groups via vpn+,o=com,dc=mozilla/ , but haven't found the right recipe to view Tom's. He might be able to access that, or maybe not, depending on vpn rules.
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I'm not sure what groups I'm in, and I can't access the above link. For somebody with the appropriate access, might be appropriate?

I wonder if a new LDAP group would be appropriate?
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Depends on: 1424929
(In reply to Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] from comment #3)
> I don't know in what LDAP group Tom is. Could one of you guys help?

Tom's LDAP groups:
scm_level_1 scm_level_3 scm_level_2 balrog vpn_default okta_mfa vpn_balrog active_scm_level_1 all_scm_level_1 active_scm_level_3 all_scm_level_3 active_scm_level_2 all_scm_level_2

I think Tom's suggestion for a new LDAP group might be best.
A new LDAP group will be added in bug 1424929. In the meantime, would you mind giving the releng group the scope, Dustin? This would allow me to continue the configuration of bug 1421062, this week.
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Thanks for the modification, Dustin!

I realized, we also need `project:comm:thunderbird:releng:*` just like mozilla-group:releng already has `project:releng:*`. 

Would you mind also creating a TC group for the LDAP group called "thunderbird_releng"? Could you give this group the scopes added in comment 8 + the one mentioned in this comment?

Thank you very much
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Hm, I could swear I commented.  This is all taken care of.
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Can you `queue:create-task:low:scriptworker-prov-v1/tb-depsigning` to `moz-tree:level:1:comm`?
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
It looks like `project:comm:thunderbird:releng:signing:cert:dep-signing` is also needed for `moz-tree:level:1:comm`.

Apparently (Bug 1429505) the queue checks scope in stages, so it didn't report all needed scopes the first time around.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
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Closed: 5 years ago5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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Drop build-signing priority to `low` temporarily; rs=bustage-fix
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Realy drop build-signing priority to `low` temporarily; rs=bustage-fix
It looks like graphs for comm-central use a higher priority.

Can you add `queue:create-task:highest:scriptworker-prov-v1/tb-depsigning` to `moz-tree:level:3:comm`

Can you also add `queue:create-task:highest:scriptworker-prov-v1/tb-beetmover-dev` and `queue:create-task:highest:scriptworker-prov-v1/tb-balrog-dev` to `moz-tree:level:3:comm` and `queue:create-task:low:scriptworker-prov-v1/tb-beetmover-dev` and `queue:create-task:low:scriptworker-prov-v1/tb-balrog-dev` to `moz-tree:level:1:comm`

Resolution: FIXED → ---
Was this just an error in comment 11, where we expected "low" to be enough?  Or should comm-central not be using highest?
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Actually, it looks like "very-low" is enough for level 1, but comm-central defaults to "medium" and other comm branches use higher priorities (,653,655). I think that is correct.

I added a patch to get signing working on comm-central with the current scopes, but I would like to remove that patch and use the default priorities.
Done!  Thanks for the extra info.
Closed: 5 years ago5 years ago
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
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Backout ed51ab1cf68b and cb7877246369 : don't adjust build-signing priority.
Component: Service Request → Operations and Service Requests
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