subsession_start_date not compatible with presto's `from_iso8601_timestamp`



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a month ago
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a month ago
The subsession start date (and creation date) will break the from_iso8601_timestamp function. The subsession start date contains a time zone designator "[+|-]hh" outside of the [-12, 12] range.[1]

Timezones can be outside of the [-12, 12] range AFAIK:

Do you suspect a client issue here? Are there actual invalid timezones submitted?
Or do we need a presto fix?
Or dataset normalization as a workaround?
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a month ago
There are timezones out of those UTC offsets (+17, -19, etc). The workaround during query time is to use `date_parse(substr(___))`, but something in main_summary might be worthwhile to avoid the hassle involved with different date/time formats.
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These are probably timezones clients are legitly reporting (from a Telemetry perspective), so i would suggest that we fix them up for derived datasets if needed.
This would be good to document though for people that are interested in the real offsets clients see.
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11 days ago
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Looks like the plan is to clean the data flowing into main_summary, so moving this bug to that component.
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