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Document best practices for deploying geckodriver in README


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There was a recent conversation on tools-marionette [1] that brought
to our attention that users are hit by the GitHub rate limiting when
downloading geckodriver as part of their automation.

jgraham proposed to document best practices for deploying
geckodriver in testing/geckodriver/, and I quote his email:

> On the other hand, it seems like there are several things that
> users could do to avoid this problem with no changes to the
> distribution. For example:
> * cache dependencies. Major CI providers will all provide some way
> to cache downloaded artifacts, and since geckodriver is rarely
> updated and updates are typically not essential and may even be
> problematic, it seems like a good fit for caching. It might not
> improve performance since the CI caches themselves will also
> involve some remote download, but it will certainly avoid rate
> limits.
> * Use an authenticated request to GitHub. This will avoid the
> IP-address based rate limit that is the problem here, and instead
> use a per-account rate limit.

Priority: -- → P5
Priority: P5 → P3
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