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[Affected versions]:
Firefox 59.0a1 (20171217220404)

[Affected platforms]:
Windows 10 64-bit
MacOS Sierra 10.13

[Steps to reproduce]:
1.Launch Firefox with a clean profile.
2.Install a previous version of any extension.
3.Go to "about:addons".
4.Click on the "More" button for the installed extension.
5.Set "Automatic Updates" to "Off".
6.Click on the "Extensions" tab and perform a "Check for Updates" operation from "Tools for all add-ons".
7.Right click on the extension and select "Find Updates".

[Expected Results]:
The updates are displayed.

[Actual Results]:
The "Checking for Updates..." message is stuck. The user has to refresh the page in order to be able to use any of the options available for the selected addon.

[Additional notes]:
Gif of issue attached.


a month ago
Priority: -- → P3

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a month ago
It looks like the issue here is that in the sequence of events described here, we get an "onUpdateAvailable" callback (as opposed to an onNewInstall callback if we skip step 6).  And the addon-generic XBL binding doesn't handle that event.  Fixing this is just a matter of adding that method, all I think it needs to do is call `this._showStatus("update-available");`

Dropping the priority since this requires such a specific sequence of events to trigger, and since this is code we'd like to get rid of anyway...
Mentor: aswan@mozilla.com
Keywords: good-first-bug
Priority: P3 → P5

Comment 2

21 days ago

I would like work on the issue as I am learning to work on open source projects. Is it possible if you can assign this to me and I would love to contribute? Thanks a lot

Comment 3

17 days ago
Sure, thanks for your interest!  I've assigned the bug to you.

If you haven't already done it, building Firefox locally is the first step.  There's an overview here:
But for this bug you should be able to use artifact builds as well, see the docs here:

The code in question is in the file toolkit/mozapps/extensions/content/extensions.xml.  I'm not sure how much background you need to get started, please feel free to add comments here with any questions you have, and set the needinfo flag (by clicking the checkbox next to "Need more information from" and entering my name in the text box at the bottom of the page)
Assignee: nobody → yadavallisasank
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