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set up birch for in-tree relpro RC testing


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We're currently testing in-tree relpro for beta/devedition on maple, but we need to start testing it for RCs as well. Let's use birch for this!
Depends on: 1426138
Attached patch enable birch in buildbot (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This is the same as maple, minus devedition + s/beta/release/g.
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I realized while making a gecko patch that we'll need a unique tools repo (to avoid stomping on beta patcher/update verify configs) and unique mozharness configs (because the existing dev mozilla-release ones point at jamun, and we want to keep jamun working for buildbot staging releases).
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add mozharness configs for mozilla-release on birch

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LGTM. We'll verify the validity on birch :)
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New in this version:
* Fixed release_channel_mappings
* Fixed typo in postrelease config name
* Get rid of accepted_mar_channel_id

I diffed mozilla-release vs. birch and couldn't find anything else of consequence.
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Pushed by
set up birch for in-tree relpro testing. r=rail
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update buildbot-configs patch

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Depends on: 1426458
Re-opening this while waiting on the treeherder bits. Note to self: ping the Taskcluster team after that's done - they have some set-up to do, too.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
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I upgraded birch's scopes to allow it to do release signing. Specifically, I created a project:releng:nightly:level-3:birch role and granted it     project:releng:signing:cert:release-signing.

After that, I discovered chain of trust errors. I'm fixing those in
We can't bump pushapkscriptworker yet due to a bug in pushapkscript that jlorenzo is chasing down. The rest should be fine to bump, though.
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allow birch to use release-signing in scriptworker

We can remove birch and maple when update verify can verify dep-signed builds :)
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