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Include Arcanist, the client for Phabricator, in MozillaBuild


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It seems that we are moving to using Phabricator instead of MozReview... Phabricator needs Arcanist, and the latter is a PHP application... which means MozillaBuild should also include PHP runtime.

(I'm not a fan of this kind of things... but if we have decided to go that way, we should be prepared to that as soon as possible, I guess.)
I'd rather do bug 1366401 than ship PHP in MozillaBuild.
If we don't need PHP, that would be even better :)
Arcanist isn't necessary if you're just doing a build. This task (if we do it at all) seems better suited for the version-control-tools repo and the bootstrap script.
With the announcement of Phabricator open for everyone, it sounds important to understand what's the intended way to use arcanist on Windows, should we wait for MozillaBuild, bootstrap or do a manual install of all the requirements? Or wait bug 1366401?

I must note that the Arcanist Quick Start page says "This won't work for Windows, see Arcanist User Guide: Windows for instructions.", and the Windows instructions page says "You need to install: Arcanist itself, see Arcanist User Guide. or Arcanist Quick Start.".
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Fwiw, I'm currently trying the WSL, not sure if it will work as expected but it sounds like the best bet for now.
Redirecting to mcote to provide guidance on how to prioritize supporting Arcanist. (I'm not sure what the strategy for client-side review submission is and that strategy dictates how much effort should go into supporting Arcanist in `mach bootstrap`, MozillaBuild, etc.)
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We're still working out options.  It's going to take a little while to sort this out; I'll comment back here when I know what the plan is regarding a command-line client.
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