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Invalid badge background color behaves as null


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Run this code:

  browser.browserAction.setBadgeBackgroundColor({color: "red"});
  browser.browserAction.setBadgeBackgroundColor({tabId, color: "green"});
  browser.browserAction.setBadgeBackgroundColor({tabId, color: "invalid"});

Since "invalid" is not a color, it behaves as null, i.e. it removes the tab-specific green color and the tab inherits the global red color.

However, Chrome behaves differently. There the "invalid" color is ignored, so the tab continues having a green tab-specific color. And a warning is logged.

I think compatibility with Chrome should be preferred, if someone wants to remove a tab-specific color, since bug 1419940 they can explicitly use null, which is less hacky than an invalid color.
Attached file test.xpi
There was a mistake in the attached test webext
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Summary: Invalid badge background color behaves an null → Invalid badge background color behaves as null
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Bug 1427107 - Reject setBadgeBackgroundColor promise for invalid string colors
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Reject setBadgeBackgroundColor promise for invalid string colors r=mixedpuppy
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Tested with the latest build and the only difference I see from before the fix is that the color of the "abcd" background is red by default and in the latest fix it's green. Is this the desired behavior along with the "Reading manifest: Error processing background.persistent: Event pages are not currently supported. This will run as a persistent background page." warning?
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Yes, the desired behavior is that the badge background color should be green on the tab where you installed the extension, just like Chrome. The event pages warning is unrelated.
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As per setting this issue to verified on Windows 10 64 Bit Firefox 60.0a1 (20180123102017).
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