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This is a proposal for a minor enhancement to the script which executes
after the 'Make Default...' button is pressed in Preferences.

It is meant to complete the 'install' process of Firefox binaries from
and remove the need for user interaction and possible confusion.

Currently the 'Make Default' button
- adds the necessary entries in ~/.config/mimeapps.list
- and creates ~/.local/share/applications/userapp-Firefox-RANDOM.desktop

however this .desktop
- has NoDisplay=true
- and does not have Icon=firefox

my reasoning for this is that there is no function
- for creating ~/.icons/
- and copying the icons to it

A simple script to do so can be seen here:

If something along those lines is included in the 'Make default...' script
users would have Firefox ready for use in their desktop with one click of a button.

It would not conflict with an already present instance of Firefox provided by the distribution
as those use firefox.desktop or firefox-esr.desktop etc.

In short:
- add mkdir and copy icons commands to 'Make Default...' button's script
- remove NoDisplay=true from userapp-Firefox-RANDOM.desktop
- add Icon=firefox to userapp-Firefox-RANDOM.desktop
Component: Preferences → Installer
Component: Installer → Shell Integration

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3 months ago

maybe there should be a new command line switch instead as make default works fine as it is by just making ff default and not adding a new launcher icon

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