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64-bit builds do not always have HAVE_USR_LIB64_DIR set


(Firefox Build System :: General, defect)

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I'm trying to debug why doesn't work. It seems that it's looking for Native Messaging manifests in /usr/lib/mozilla/native-messaging-hosts. However, I'm on 64-bit Linux, so I expected it to look in /usr/lib64/mozilla/native-messaging-hosts. Indeed, "About Nightly" reports "59.0a1 (2018-01-08) (64-bit)". Similarly, building locally (using an artifact build) reports the same thing. I would have expected Firefox's use of lib64 to correspond to what is reported in "About Nightly".
That's because /usr/lib64 is not a directory that exists on Debian-based distros.
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
Depends on: 1318461
Severity: normal → S3
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