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Wrong server name shown in imap timeout messages


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Steps to reproduce:

I moved my IMAP server to a different domain, let's say from to In the server settings of my Thunderbird account, I have entered the new server name, and all is fine - receiving and sending mails works as expected. Now has a downtime is not reachable. After a while, Thunderbird shows a popup, saying that there was a time-out when trying to connect to I am really not sure where it gets that name from, because I cannot find any traces of in my account configuration. The *only* place where it's still being used is the local copy of the IMAP data in the ImapMail sub-folder of my profile.

Expected results:

After changing the server address to, Thunderbird should always reference the new server name, not the old one.
Clarifaction: By "The *only* place where it's still being used is the local copy of the IMAP data in the ImapMail sub-folder of my profile" I mean that the folder of the local copy has the same name as old server, but I don't expect the the folder name should be used anywhere in the UI for display of the server name.
Please go to "Tools > Options, Advanced, General", Config Editor. Type "hostname" into the search box. Edit the wrong entry.

TB maintains a hostname and a realhostname. I've never quite understood what that's about but I could do some research, well, bug 1414607 comment #2 gives a hint.
Thanks, I could indeed find the old server name there. It seems like the realhostname should be displayed in the time-out notification, just like in the status bar.
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Summary: Wrong server name shown in timeout messages → Wrong server name shown in imap timeout messages
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Gene, this could do with some clean-up. Can I get you interested?
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This is probably just a variation on the "why not just change hostname and get rid of realhostname" question. Will leave NI on this but defer the "overdue notices".
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