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too wide sub-dialog window of "Device Manager"


(Firefox :: Preferences, defect, P4)

Windows 10





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1. about:preferences#privacy
2. Click [Security Devices..."

the dialog width is too wide.
Close button is cut off on 1280px monitor

Horizon tal scroll bar should be provided
Myk, Randell said you've been making changes with preferences; do they affect this?
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(In reply to Andrew Overholt [:overholt] from comment #1)
> Myk, Randell said you've been making changes with preferences; do they
> affect this?

Indeed, I landed bug 1379338, which made a bunch of changes to prefs.  That didn't affect this dialog's width, however, which appears to be hardcoded into a DTD file:

That is then reflected into the dialog element's attribute:

(There are also some hardcoded min-width rules in style attributes in device_manager.xul.)

I'm unsure why the width of this dialog is fixed in this way.  Needinfoing Zibi in case he knows.

In any case, my inclination here would be to make the dialog contents flexible, so the Close button (and other buttons) always appear on screen, even if the tree elements need to be elided to make them visible.
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I have no idea. I'd love us to minimize/remove all cases of localizable width and make our CSS adaptable to text inside it.
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I believe this was regressed since Firefox 51 actually, when the dialog was moved to in-content.
I can't reproduce on Windows 10 and Linux with a 1280px resolution, the dialog box is significantly smaller than the window. I can reproduce this bug with a 1024x768 resolution but we have many other visual issues with such a low resolution.

I also notice in the screenshot provided that the font used in the content of the pages is way bigger than the Firefox UI and the Windows UI, and is also vertically distorted.

It seems to me that this bug happens with a very specific font configuration (that I can't reproduce) so that seems like an edge case to me, maybe reducing slightly the css width in the dtd file would be a good mitigation for such cases but since this seems hard to reproduce and a P4, marking as fix-optional for 63 for now.
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