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Any way to get notifications of new WPT failures?


(Testing :: web-platform-tests, enhancement)

Version 3
Not set


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Hi, noticing new WPT test failures early would be nice, and would've helped catch stuff like bug 1430622, which added new "if stylo: FAIL" conditions.

Is there any way to get notifications of those test failures? If not, is there any plan to do it? I'd happily try to help out figure out what the best way for it is.

Probably the easiest is just to auto-file bugs on WPT sync or something, but haven't thought much about it.
Yeah, the new import should be online soon (seems to be working OK in tests), which will give us a bug per PR. As soon as that's running getting a notification for tests that previously passed but now fail and new tests that don't pass is the top priority. So the plan is to have this late Jan/early Feb.
That's awesome, thanks James!
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