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Can't override GUI font via userchrome.css when prohibiting webpages from using their own font choices


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I think Bug 789788 has caused another great issue. At least bisection reduced the range to eaf4f9b45117 (last good) and c26dbd63604d (first bad). And Bug 789788 seems to be the most relevant

When I try to override GUI fonts with this CSS in userchrome.css:

@namespace url("");

* {

    font-family:"font I want" !important;


And don't allow pages to use their own fonts, the GUI font will be the one set in FF options for WEB PAGES and not the one specified in CSS. It seems like website settings are applied to chrome...

So this means I can only have the UI font the same as the forced website font, when I force font settings on websites.

I see:
> font-family: serif,"font chosen for websites"
Instead of what I specified in css.
Blocks: 789788
Yes, currently the option from bug 789788 will prioritize the chosen default font over any fonts listed by family name in CSS. It doesn't distinguish between styles being applied to a web page and those applied to chrome.

I suppose it would make sense to apply this only to web content, rather than globally (including the browser UI).
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