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[FTL] UI is broken when translating a string with label and attribute


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When trying to translate the following string the UI from the WYSIWYG area doesn't work as expected.

I couldn't replicate the issue with other strings. I tried refreshing the cache and it didn't improve.
Hi Richard!

It looks like this causes this problem.

I feel that every entity looking like this will cause this problem:

liked-comment = aaaa
   .title= bbbb

Unfortunately, currently I don't have an environment to reproduce this issue.
However, I've read the code and I have a premonition that We don't hide the textarea when it should be hidden. This patch should change that:

The second possible issue is The FTL "show source" mode:
(I'm thinking that structure of the entity (attributes, main-value etc.) should be reflected in The "show source" mode)
I don't know if there's a bug or if it's an issue in the current design - could you verify?
It also breaks the source view.

1) Switch to FTL Advanced View, enter

shotIndexNoExpirationSymbol = ∞
    .title = This shot does not expire

2) Switch back. There's a label, but not attribute title.

3) Switch to advanced view again, and you're back to the broken translation.
Sorry, one more thing: tried to save the string directly from the source view, I end up with a label, but
1) It doesn't show up if I download the source.
2) It keeps asking me "Leave anyway", because apparently it thinks I have pending changes to save.

I tried changing the FTL offline and uploading

shotIndexNoExpirationSymbol = ∞
    .title = Questa immagine non ha scadenza

and made things worse (2 strings appear, and they're quite random).

Indefinitely ∞
Summary: Cannot translate a FTL string → [FTL
Summary: [FTL → [FTL] UI is broken when translating a string with label and attribute
That's a regression from:

We somehow managed to lose the ability to support such strings.
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Fix bug 1430941: Support strings with value and attributes (#800)
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