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Omit Fennec Media playback Notification when viewed in private browsing mode


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Showing a notification containing stuff in private browsing mode makes it leak into the operating system. Custom android launcher as well as other software providing a backlog of notifications would allow unearthing parts of private browsing sessions.

Background is an article about this happening for Chrome, but it's true for Fennec as well: 

Focus is not affected, as it does not show any content-related notifications.

Rating this as sec-low, as it requires a local attacker. It's common and easily done to protect a phone from unauthorized physical access.
Does this need to be behind a sec flag? Visibility might make this easier to fix.
You're right. This is public information.
Group: firefox-core-security
[triage] Potentially critical - leaking private browsing information to the OS through notifications, which gets stored in a notification log on the device that users can access.

Susheel, what do you think? fwiw, I recommend reading the article for full details on impact.
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Up to Andreas.
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Sorry for the delayed reply.

This is probably something we should target for an upcoming release. 61, 62?
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Bug 1431329 - If the tab in which the media player is running is in private browsing mode then we shall not display media playback notification.

This appears to do the trick: `updateNotification` is only called from `onStateChanged` so if we return on private tabs before `updateNotification` is called, we'll never display a notification in private browsing mode.

Note that there's dead code in `updateNotification`: And I probably would also throw in an assertion in `updateNotification` to ensure we're never getting a private tab. However, I don't think it's worth anyone's time to implement, re-review, etc. :)

We're also logcatting that the media player is running but we're not including URLs and logcat is mostly secure so I'm not too concerned about that.
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If the tab in which the media player is running is in private browsing mode then we shall not display media playback notification. r=mcomella
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Duplicate of this bug: 1398821
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Verified as fixed in Beta 61.0b15. Have watched a video on youtube and vimeo in private browsing mode and no media playback notification appeared. If any further testing is needed here, please let me know. Thanks
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