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Make matchBuckets string parsing the same everywhere it's done


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Bug 1426216 added its own matchBuckets parsing in order to determine whether a checkbox in the search preferences UI should be checked, and it's slightly different from the parsing that UnifiedComplete does.  It's possible for the checkbox not to reflect reality because of this difference.  In practice that shouldn't happen, though.  The only way for it to happen is if the user edited browser.urlbar.matchBuckets and didn't stick to the exact format that the checkbox expects.  But, there's no reason for these two places in the code to use different ways of parsing these strings.
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Bug 1432263 - Make matchBuckets string parsing the same everywhere it's done.
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Make matchBuckets string parsing the same everywhere it's done. r=mak
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[Feature/Bug causing the regression]:
This isn't a regression, but it's a followup from bug 1426216

[User impact if declined]:
None for most users.  Only users who manually edited the browser.urlbar.matchBuckets pref, or perhaps had an add-on or study that did, would possibly be affected.  The reason I'm asking for uplift is because there's no reason for this patch not to ship in the same release as the feature it's related to (the aforementioned bug 1426216)

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Small patch that simply factors out some common code

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Beta patch

Sounds like we should ship this fix in 59 to make sure UI behavior is consistent. Let's uplift for the beta 4 build.
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