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No longer show the template for tracking & release notes requests


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Not set





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In the past, when selecting the tracking request "?", we used to have a template which would tell the user to explain why.

I don't see it anymore.
For example, I tried on this bug
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Ditto for the release notes "relnote-firefox" flag.
Saw that here:
Summary: No longer show the template for tracking requests → No longer show the template for tracking & release notes requests
Is the template this comment stuff?
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I see "comment required", a link which produces the template, here (screenshot attached) though I had to change it to ? first.

Is this it or was it something else?
After we confirm what this is -- kohei, do you have any bandwidth to see if this changed?
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yes, I confirm this but to be clear, the tracking request is really what matters :)
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So I think tracking_flag_change() isn't getting called now,
or at the very least it isn't making it to this part of code:
So when I set breakpoints in the js, and change the selector to ?, I get text filled in.
but if I do not set breakpoints, nothing happens.
After using the debugger, I can't reproduce this. Even if I restart the browser.
What happened?
Attached file PR (obsolete) —
Need to work on the .htaccess rewrite rule but this should prevent this from bothering other people.
Dylan, I am still experiencing this issue with ublock origin
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I'll see about getting this landed then.
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Sorry to be a pain about that but do you have an eta for this?
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Renaming tracking flags is a real pain at the moment, I'm hoping some other work will make doing this easier.
My first naive attempt didn't work.

I recommend not using ublock origin for bmo since bmo doesn't show ads in the meantime.
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Attachment #8955553 - Attachment is obsolete: true
So we have nothing to do here? I have enabled Tracking Protection by default in my Firefox but everything looks fine. These comment templates could be converted to temporary forms just like Bug 1489718 but it’s a separate issue.
Component: Extensions: BMO → Extensions: TrackingFlags
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We should just rename the script to avoid ublock blocking it.
Priority: P1 → --

This is on my radar.

Assignee: dylan → kohei.yoshino
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The culprit was the JavaScript file name tracking_flags.js, so simply renaming it will solve the issue. Looks like the directory name TrackingFlags is not a problem.

Merged to master.

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