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[FTL] Attributes added to existing string are not available for translation in Pontoon


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I assume that's the case for

One of the two strings is here

The 2 strings are not displayed as missing. There's also a weird behavior, where Pontoon shows the "Leave anyway?" dialog, even if I don't touch the string (e.g. click on the string in the left column.

Using FTL Advanced mode and manually adding the attribute seems to work.
This seems to be because pontoon switches the fields based on the localized attributes and not the original attributes or both.

From a l10n process POV, this is an interesting challenge, should a message get a new key if it adds an attribute? I'm torn.
Not being able to translate the attribute from the Fluent UI is just part of the problem.

The other one is that the string shows up as translated. Instead of error.

We can solve both problems if the message gets a new key. Or we could start including attribute keys in the unique string identifier (also called "key" in Pontoon) in addition to the message key. We already do something similar in PO files:

That would also prevent us from importing such half-translations if they are submitted through VCS. (Translate UI already prevents such submissions).

Of course just turning strings into errors would be better, because part of the translation would be kept, but that's blocked by bug 1237667.
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IMHO, we shouldn't add too much work to work around the lack of Lendava. I.e., give to Lendava what is Lendava's.

Recap question, what happens with strings imported that have errors? Are they rejected or translated or suggested?
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Imported strings are translated. Sync doesn't do any error checking.
As decided on the tech call, I filed a bug to change the string ID:

I will also fix the editor for the sake of future cases and cases where half-translation is submitted through VCS.
Commit pushed to master at
Fix bug 1433763: [FTL] Render untranslated attributes (#965)

If translation doesn't include all entity attributes, we need to
render them in editor anyways (as untranslated).
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