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mach commands for Android testing offer to install firefox, even when --app is specified


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The Android testing mach commands (mochitest, reftest) check that Firefox for Android is installed before running tests; if not found, they offer:

$ ./mach reftest --app=org.mozilla.geckoview_example
It looks like Firefox is not installed on this device.
Install Firefox? (Y/n) n

That's inconvenient and not useful when trying to run tests against a different application.
A complication here is that we can leverage 'mach install' to install Firefox, but I don't think there is corresponding support for installing geckoview_example...and it's likely not possible to reliably determine an appropriate apk from --app.
Priority: -- → P1
See Also: → 1291387
In the near future I expect more interest in testing against geckoview_example or similar applications. That's easily handled with the existing --app argument. This patch pays attention to --app when checking to see if the device has a test application installed. For testing Firefox for Android, this should mean no change to the existing behavior. For testing with geckoview_example or similar, mach will warn if the app is not installed and provide an opportunity to install it. We might be able to improve on that -- perform the installation automatically -- in the future, when/if 'mach install' is enhanced. I think this is good enough for now.

$ ./mach robocop testAboutPage --app=org.mozilla.geckoview_example
No Android devices connected. Start an emulator? (Y/n) 
Starting emulator running Android 4.3...
Running the arm emulator; be sure to install an arm APK!
It looks like org.mozilla.geckoview_example is not installed on this device,
but I don't know how to install it.
Install it now, then hit Enter
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verify install of correct app when --app specified for robocop/mochitest/reftest

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good idea
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Check for installation of correct test application when --app is passed to mach; r=jmaher
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