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Add module cert info to crash report "Modules" tab


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This is the backend component corresponding to bug 1430857.

1) We need to process the incoming crash annotations to merge the cert info into the module list;
2) We need to add a column to the modules table to include that information when present.

I have patches forthcoming for all of this.
Priority: -- → P1
Whiteboard: inj+
Depends on: 1436845
Commits pushed to master at
Fixes Bug 1434495: Update stackwalker to process ModuleSignatureInfo field

As of bug 1436845, Firefox now sends an annotation named "ModuleSignatureInfo"
with crash reports. This field contains json that describes the owners of the
certificates used to sign various binaries in the crash report.

The format is as follows:

  "Cert owner": ["list", "of", "dlls", "with", "the", "same", "cert", "owner"],
  "Another One": ["More", "stuff"]

This patch modifies the stackwalker to read that annotation and then add the
cert info to each applicable entry in the report's module data.
Fixes Bug 1434495: Add module cert information to the modules tab in report_index

This patch surfaces a report's modules list cert information to the
modules tab in the webapp. The "Signed By" column is omitted unless cert info
is available for at least one module in the report.
Merge pull request #4368 from dblohm7/master

Fix bug 1434495 by surfacing module cert info from crash reports
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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